A new online Course in Miracles community from Michael Dawson


I am happy to announce the creation of A Course in Miracles community using the Mighty Networks platform.

Here we can come together to explore the teachings of A Course in Miracles and apply them to our daily lives. It's an on-going forum for members to share our spiritual journeys, to discuss and explore the themes found in the Course. This will be a safe and supportive space where we all feel free to share the joys and challenges of the path of forgiveness, not fearing the judgement we may have experienced on other platforms. We will co-create a safe environment and support each other in our posts and articles.

What you receive with membership:

The link below will take you to the registration page. After registering you will have a free trial for 7 days. If you decide to continue your credit card will be charged US$9.99 each month. You can cancel membership at any time.

Registration link

Please have a look around this community space, check out the guidelines and start posting and exploring what is on offer. I look forward to meeting and sharing with you.