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Healing and forgiveness videos on 
My ACIM YouTube Channel

How to forgive ourselves - an ACIM exercise - helps us to accept and forgive aspects of ourselves we dislike.
Forgiving and healing all aspects of ourselves It leads us on a journey to find and heal aspects of ourselves of which we are unaware (sub personalities) leading us to inner peace.
Pain relief - A Course in Miracles approach  Guides you to obtain physical and psychological pain relief and can sometimes eliminate the pain.
Sacrifice is not required for healing - helps us learn there is no cost or sacrifice needed to attain peace.
Changing your perceptions & finding peace - an exercise that you can do at any time you feel threatened, or disturbed by others or a particular situation.
Forgiving another - version 1
Forgiving another - version 2
Entering the Light - the aim of the guided journey is to take you into the light and love of Spirit
Receiving a Gift-is a two part healing exercise to aid you in receiving a gift of insight and support with current life issues.
Manifestation exercise for healing ourselves-based on “The Sphere of All Possibilities” channeled by Tom Kenyon
Child in the Shadow- healing the pain within
Healing through symbol transformation - to aid the lessening or elimination of physical or psychological pain.

Exercises for 2 people
Changing perceptions of another  - shows how we project onto others and how we can change this into spiritual vision
Uniting with another  - to help you unite with another person, to go beyond the barriers of ego and personality and reach out to the oneness of spirit that we all are.

In English with German translation
Sich selbst vergeben - englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung
Die Wahrnehmung ändern und Frieden finden-englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung
Meine Wahrnehmung über eine andere Person ändern-englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung

1hour group healing session and one 90 min ACIM workshop a month included.

These videos will explore many A Course in Miracles subjects. 
Many will use material including diagrams from my three books.
I will be adding more videos on Course themes every month. If you want to be automatically informed of new additions please press Subscribe on the YouTube page where my video is showing and click on the bell icon that appears so it appears as if it is ringing. This ensures you will get an email update when new videos are added.

This illustrated 11 minute A Course in Miracles' summary looks at how the book came and its metaphysical and practical teachings. 
It introduces the topics of heaven, the separation, guilt, denial, projection, forgiveness and our spiritual awakening.

2. A Spiritual Journey From Head To Heart - Michael Dawson Interview - 1h52m
In the first half of this interview I describe my spiritual journey from age 16 to the present day. 
In the second half I answer questions on A Course in Miracles especially in regard to sickness and healing, spiritual awakening and the Course's metaphysics.

3. Awaken To Love ACIM Conference-Michael Dawson interview
This interview explores many Course topics associated with awakening to love and the obstacles to awakening.

4. The Three Steps of Forgiveness
A Course in Miracles provides a forgiveness process comprising of three steps or stages. Using material from Chap.5 of my book "Healing the Cause " I give an illustrated talk on these steps.

5. Special Love Relationships - A Course in Miracles
Special love relationships is the term A Course in Miracles uses to describe our needy dependent relationships with things (e.g. food, alcohol, smart phones) and people (e.g. lovers, parents, children, therapists). Whilst we search outside ourselves for happiness we will never discover the inner happiness that awaits us when we practice forgiveness. With the help of spirit we can change the goal of special love relationships to the goal of holy relationships.

6. Our Resistance to Forgiveness Part 1 of 2 - A Course in Miracles
The first part of this two part video looks at why we find it so difficult to forgive and three forms of false forgiveness which are commonly found in the world - what the Course calls "forgiveness to destroy". Understanding our resistance to forgiveness helps move us towards forgiveness.

7. Our Resistance to Forgiveness Part 2  - A Course in Miracles
In this second part I tell two true stories that illustrate the topic of our resistance to forgiveness - how our egos would rather be right than happy as A Course in Miracles states. 

8. Ego's world of Denial & Projection - A Course in Miracles
Pt. 1 of 3
Pt. 2 of 3
Pt. 3 of 3

9. A Short Summary of A Course in Miracles

10. 7 Steps to Peace - explanation

11. 7 Steps to Peace - a guided exercise

On line Zoom workshops (all contain healing and forgiveness exercises)
1. The cause of physical and psychological disease - 2h10mins
2. Healing Ourselves
3. Healing Others

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