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A Course in Miracles - Explanations of Major Themes

A Course in Miracles can be difficult to understand on first reading as it is written on quite a high intellectual level. It can help to read some introductory material alongside a study of the Course. This series of articles and diagrams is presented with that in mind.

This eBook begins with some brief, introductory material covering how A Course in Miracles came, what it is and a summary with charts.

It is followed by a collection of 33 articles and diagrams I have written over recent years; they explore many of the themes found in the Course, including the metaphysical and practical teachings.

At the end of this book you will find two 'bonus chapters' ('Healing Ourselves' and 'The Ladder of Forgiveness') - excerpts from two of my other books (Healing the Cause and The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness).

This eBook can be read on Kindle, iPad, Microsoft eReader, Nook, PDF readers (Mac and PC) and most eBook readers.

 A Course in Miracles - Explanations of Major
eBook -

French and Spanish translations of my articles
plus other authors - click here


ACFIP Newsletter Archive


Part 1

A. The way of A Course in Miracles

B. Healing - miracle or magic?

C. Obstacles to truth

D. Who am I?

E. What is our task?

F. Does it take time to do A Course in Miracles?

Part 2

G. Peace of mind

H. How do I forgive?

I. Not making the error real

J. Investigating the self

K. The AAA approach to forgiveness

L. Collapsing time

Part 3

M. Grow as the flower grows

N. Finding the Peace of God

O. Forgiving Jesus

P. Dedicating your day to peace

Q. Creating our own reality

R. Opening to the Light

Part 4

S. Another world awaits us

T. Resisting the Course

U. Dealing with the ego

V. Dialogue on "I Need Do Nothing"

W. How can I hear my inner guidance?

X. Summary of A Course in Miracles - 2
From The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness.

Y. A Full Heart and an Empty Mind

Z. What Can I Do With My Anger?

Part 5

1.  Self-worth and sinlessness

2. The End of Seeking

3. Requirements for Spiritual Awakening

4. Nisargadatta Maharaj's Spiritual Awakening
from I Am That compared to A Course in Miracles

5.Rest and Relax - love is waiting to come in

6. Love and Fear - are Both Real?

7. Seek Not To Change The World

8. Breaking the Spell of Thought

9. Jesus and A Course in Miracles

10. Uncaused Happiness

11. Don't ask how to be at peace.
Rather ask, why do I leave peace?

12. How Do I Forgive?

13. Thinking Is Not Going To Get You There

14. Pointers on the Path of Awakening

Part 6

1.Giving Up Judgement

2.Beyond Good and Bad

3.What Am I?

4.Reality Versus Thinking

5. Can we stop thinking?

6. The Seeker’s Quest - A Story

7.What is Forgiveness?

8.The Number One Requirement for Awakening

9. Summary of A Course in Miracles (2017)

10. When working on yourself no longer works

11. Forgiveness, I need do nothing and working on yourself (I Am)