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ACFIP Newsletter 
Issue 2 - SEPTEMBER 2004

Quarterly Newsletter of the Australian Centre for Inner Peace

Michael Dawson
PO Box 125, Point Lookout
North Stradbroke Island,
Queensland 4183,

Web site: http://www.acfip.org
FAX: 61- (0)7 3415 3267




Welcome to the second issue of the Australian Centre for Inner Peace Newsletter. If you wish to read previous issues please go to

The renovations I talked about to our new home on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland are finally nearing completion.

In November I will travel to New Zealand to give a workshop and should return sometime in 2005 to Alice Springs to give another weekend on the Course. I will also give two workshops in Germany next year (see end of newsletter).

At present, all the workshops I am giving come from personal invitations. I have no dates of when I might be teaching at my new home as it can take some time after arriving in a new country before people find out what is being offered.

Each of these newsletters will contain news of the centre, an article on some aspect of A Course in Miracles and a section on healing {which will often feature a story about how forgiveness brings about healing). I have added a question and answer section to this newsletter. Other items will include information about my talks and workshops at Point Lookout and elsewhere in the world and details of my books and audio materials for sale. If you are new to the Course you might find my summary of help. You can find it at

Michael Dawson



Creating Our Own reality

I was recently asked the question "To what extent do we create our own reality over a lifetime?". This is an interesting topic and brings up the old issue of free will versus predetermination. A number of present day teachers stress that everything is predetermined; we are simply pawns in God's great cosmic play. Some people are created as murderers whilst others are their victims and neither one has any choice in the matter. The Course, however, stresses we do have choice although its not infinite. To understand the Course's position we need to go into its teachings on time which means looking first at the metaphysics of the Course. After that we can look at what the Course says about decision-making.


Jesus states we need new ideas about time but also says how difficult it is for us to understand these ideas. Linear time is what we take as the truth, whilst Jesus tells us that time is holographic - everything is happening in one moment.

The ego uses time to preserve itself. It tells us that in the past we decided to separate from God and achieved this. To save us from the resulting overwhelming guilt, it advised us to deny this ever happened. This imagined sin in the past is experienced in the present as guilt leading to a fear of punishment in the future. All our fear stems from this unconscious guilt from a separation that never really happened.

In contrast the Holy Spirit reminds us that the "tiny mad idea" (see below) of separation was undone by the Holy Spirit the moment it was thought.

God gave His Teacher to replace the one you made, not to conflict with it. And what He would replace has been replaced. Time lasted but an instant in your mind, with no effect upon eternity. And so is all time past, and everything exactly as it was before the way to nothingness was made. The tiny tick of time in which the first mistake was made, and all of them within that one mistake, held also the Correction for that one, and all of them that came within the first. And in that tiny instant time was gone, for that was all it ever was. What God gave answer to is answered and is gone. A Course in Miracles T-26.V.3:1-7

In that "tiny tick of time" the whole universe was born, evolved and died along with all the thoughts we experienced.

"All thinking produces form at some level." (T-2.VI.9:14), and so all these thoughts manifested in time and space. This is somewhat similar to parallel universes hypothesised by some quantum physicists - that all possible results of an experiment exist and the participating scientist chooses one of them to manifest. Although everything was corrected in that original instant we have chosen not to accept the Holy Spirit's correction and perversely continue as if we are still special individuals separated in space and linear time.

The world of time is the world of illusion. What happened long ago seems to be happening now. Choices made long since appear to be open; yet to be made. What has been learned and understood and long ago passed by is looked upon as a new thought, a fresh idea, a different approach. Because your will is free you can accept what has already happened at any time you choose, and only then will you realize that it was always there. For we but see the journey from the point at which it ended, looking back on it, imagining we make it once again; reviewing mentally what has gone by. TM-2.3:1-5

To help make this a bit clearer I will use a couple of analogies. There are currently available novels which give the reader a choice of which plot to develop. At the end of each chapter you choose from several plots; for example, if the hero gets married or decides to say single. You are then directed to the appropriate page and the story continues based on your previous choice of plot. A multiple, but not infinite, story line. In that original instant of seeming separation we also had an enormous, but not infinite, number of stories which we now reviewing in our time and space theatre.

Dr Kenneth Wapnick, in his excellent book, A Vast illusion - time according to a Course in Miracles, uses the analogy of the VCR. The sleeping son of God or decision-maker is sitting there watching video tapes of what occurred in that "tiny tick of time". He has a choice between two huge and equal piles of video tapes - the ego tapes and tapes of their correction by the Holy Spirit. One of the correction tapes is entitled 'Atonement' in which the sleeping son of God finally wakes up and joyfully realises he never left his Father's home and that time and space are illusions. At this point he stops the pointless practice of viewing videotapes of what has already occurred.

The purpose of the spiritual path is to speed the time of awakening. As Jesus states a few times in the workbook, we could save thousands of years (many reviews of ego tapes) if we did a particular lesson correctly. Thus time can be collapsed through forgiveness. As an example, your partner may suddenly die and leave you heartbroken. In that original instant you may have had two thoughts - to turn to drugs to alleviate the pain or dedicate your life to finding a peace that no death can take away - the choice of two videos to review. If you turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance He will urge you to review the latter and so save time.

We do not wish to see the power of our mind for then we would know that we are choosing what happens in our lives. It would be impossible to feel a victim, blame others or to experience justified anger - all things our egos love and use to maintain the ego. The Course tells us that the ego overcomes this problem by first making a decision and then immediately denying it has made it. For example, faced with a difficult decision you turn to the ego for help. It might suggest you avoid the problem by getting sick. You, the decision-maker, decide it's good advice and choose to get flu and retire to bed and thus postpone the difficult decision. The moment you decide to get the flu you immediately deny making the decision. You can no longer be blamed for postponing the decision as you are the unfortunate victim of a flu virus and are no longer in a condition to make appropriate decisions.

Due to our fixation with linear time it is hard for us to realise that all our problems are solvable instantly. The correction video has always existed and we need not delay in reviewing it.

I seem to have problems only because I am misusing time. I believe that the problem comes first, and time must elapse before it can be worked out. I do not see the problem and the answer as simultaneous in their occurrence. That is because I do not yet realise that God has placed the answer together with the problem, so that they cannot be separated by time. The Holy Spirit will teach me this, if I will let Him. And I will understand it is impossible that I could have a problem which has not been solved already. W-pI.90.3.

This also relates to the teachings in the text about the Laws of Chaos where it states there is no hierarchy of illusions, no order of difficulty in miracles. Any problem, irrespective of its seeming magnitude, has already been corrected and is simply waiting acceptance. Our job is to turn to the Holy Spirit and ask His advice on what video to review thus speeding the time to when we review, the Atonement video wherein we awake from this dream of separation.

To you who still believe you live in time and know not it is gone, the Holy Spirit still guides you through the infinitely small and senseless maze you still perceive in time, though it has long since gone. You think you live in what is past. Each thing you look upon you saw but for an instant, long ago, before its unreality gave way to truth. Not one illusion still remains unanswered in your mind. Uncertainty was brought to certainty so long ago that it is hard indeed to hold it to your heart, as if it were before you still. T-26.V.4

Some of the above material has been extracted from an article entitled "Collapsing Time" which can be found at

Decision Making

I was recently asked if our house in Australia is to be the Australian Centre for Inner Peace? I replied that it was too small to be a centre although it could accommodate small workshops. I would like to use the theme of this article to explore this question further. Can I and should I start a centre for inner peace? Drawing upon the metaphysics of the Course I find I can only relive what occurred in the ėtiny tick of timeî If a 'video tape' of an Australian centre for inner peace does not exist there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to create a centre for we can only review what has already happened. If there is a video tape existing I still have to choose to replay it. The only criterion for replaying it is if it would help or hinder my awakening. Jesus does not ask us to spread the word about A Course in Miracles but ėto accept the atonement for ourselvesî - that is, to awake from the dream of time and space and separation. I can't possibly know if it's in my highest interests to have a physical centre so I must seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If there is a rightness about the project I must wait for the right timing and opportunity. If there is to be a centre at some point I will become aware of something new in my life, some current or flow that is asking me to move in a particular direction and I need to embrace it and flow with it. I have thus made a decision to accept this new direction although I do not know the final destination or the timing. The journey will be as important as the the destination on my path of forgiveness.

Every moment we are making decisions, in this we have no choice. Where we do have choice is with whom we make the decisions. No decision is made simply by ourselves. We always turn to the ego or the Holy Spirit for counsel.

And yet, you cannot (underlined) make decisions by yourself. The only question really is with what you choose to make them. That is really all. .... You will not make decisions by yourself whatever you decide. For they are made with idols (ego) or with God. And you ask help of anti-Christ (ego) or Christ, and which you choose will join with you and tell you what to do. T-30.I.14:3-9

It is here we create our own reality by choosing either the ego or the Holy Spirit as our advisor on which 'video' to review. The number of 'videos' we have to choose from is fixed and will depend on the number of choices we originally had in that "tiny tick of time". This is the predetermination part of the equation. Which 'video' we choose to review is where our free will comes into play. Our last act of free will will be to give it up and rely totally on the Holy Spirit's guidance. Only then will we experience peace as we drop forever our ego plans for happiness.

A healed mind does not plan. It carries out the plans that it receives through listening to Wisdom that is not its own. It waits until it has been taught what should be done, and then proceeds to do it. It does not depend upon itself for anything except its adequacy to fulfil the plans assigned to it. It is secure in certainty that obstacles cannot impede its progress to accomplishment of any goal that serves the greater plan established for the good of everyone. Lesson 135

To release control of steering our own boat through life and pass the tiller to a higher power is perhaps the hardest of our lessons to learn. Jesus says it was his final lesson:

It is possible even in this world to hear only that Voice (Holy Spirit) and no other. It takes effort and great willingness to learn. It is the final lesson that I learned, and God's Sons are as equal as learners as they are as Sons. T-5.II.3:9-11

However, each day we can practise asking the Holy Spirit which 'videos' He would prefer us to review so that we can collapse time and speed the day we choose to review the wake up video of the atonement and remember our spiritual reality and our true home in heaven.



I plan to use this part of the newsletter to illustrate how forgiveness brings about healing. The following case history is taken from chapter five of the The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness. Findhorn Press 2003. See

"John asked to see me about the chronic pain at the base of his neck. He was somewhat sceptical about experiencing this type of healing as he came from a scientific background. The neck pain had been present for some months and his hospital had advised a long course of physiotherapy. I explained to John that there was a part of his mind which knew exactly what the cause of this problem was. To help him to access this, I told him I would take him through a relaxation procedure and try some ways which might help him to let go oh his rational mind so he could open to his inner wisdom.

I asked John to lie down and made him comfortable with cushions and a blanket. Using a progressive relaxation method, I asked him to tense and release all the muscles in his body. Whilst he was doing this, I kept my hands lightly on his head as this helps me to join with the client as well as aiding their relaxation. I asked John to say a prayer to indicate his willingness to receive the help that is always there and to ask for help in seeing what thoughts he needed to change in his mind which would bring about healing. In my previous conversation with him I had discovered he was open to working with prayer. I joined his silent prayer with one of my own. I asked that I might open myself to my own source of help and be used as a channel in this healing session.

We remained in silence for a few minutes whilst I continued to lay on hands. I then asked John how he was feeling and if there was anything happening for him. He told me that the face of his aunt had appeared to him and had spoken the following words: "This pain in your neck is vengeance upon yourself for what you did." John told me that this was not said in any accusing manner but as a simple statement of fact. However, the words made no sense to John and we decided to leave this intriguing message for the moment. Although John had stressed that he had a well-developed logical, rational and scientific mind, he also appeared to possess strong intuition. Accordingly I felt drawn to try some imagery in the form of a guided journey, to help lead him to his own source of inner wisdom.

I began the journey by asking John to visualise himself walking down a country lane on a summer's day. To encourage him to experience all his senses, I asked him to feel the road underfoot, smell the flowers, hear the sounds of nature and observe the surroundings and the sky above him. In this manner he became more involved with his inner world which, in turn, loosened the hold of his rational mind. I continued to guide him on his journey in nature, sometimes stopping to enable him to study some object of interest.

The goal of this journey was to connect John with some symbolic form of his inner wisdom or guide. However, this guided journey was soon to come to an abrupt end. I had thought that I was leading him through a forest when he stated, with some irritation, that he had tried four times to enter this forest without success. Each time he tried, the trees would turn into a white mist and the forest would disappear.

I suggested John should accept this mist, ask for help and continue to walk through it. As he continued, a human cell appeared in the mist surrounded by violet light. His scientific training enabled him to recognise it as a human cell and, further, to know that it was cancerous. Suddenly, the memory of his dying mother returned to him accompanied by strong feelings of guilt and shame. He told me he had felt unable to cope with the situation at the time and had given the care of his mother to his aunt. This was the same aunt who had appeared at the start of the healing session.

John began to cry tears he had been unable to shed at the time of his mother's illness. He realised he had repressed all his guilt and shame around this issue and now needed to obtain forgiveness. I encouraged him to 'invite' his mother into this session and express to her all the things he needed to say. I told John to imagine that his mother was really here in the room and to speak out loud to her. When he had finished, I asked him to listen to anything his mother wanted to say to him and to speak out loud what she said. In this way John was given an opportunity to share his buried feelings with his mother and forgive himself for his past actions.53 

I then asked John if he felt complete with his experience to return his awareness to the room we were in. He told me that the pain in his neck felt much better and he now understood the significance of his aunt's remarks at the start of the session. His mother had died of cancer of the base of the neck and John felt his repressed guilt and shame over the handling of his mother's illness was reflected in his own bodily pain occurring in the identical area.

About four days later, just before John was leaving, I asked him about his neck pain and he told me that the improvement had been maintained. We had both experienced a powerful example of how the guilt in our mind is reflected in our bodily condition and how the power of forgiveness can dissolve both."

PLEASE NOTE: The Australian Centre for Inner Peace is not a counselling or psychotherapy centre; therefore, we do not offer telephone service or counselling, therapy, or crisis intervention for personal problems related to the Course.

- The Power of Acceptance

The following true story illustrates the power of acceptance and surrender.

A Soldiers Story

When we begin to experience the permanent Peace beyond comprehension, it is a sure sign that Reality is our Foundation and we are beginning to know what it is about. It is our intention during the following pages (as in our talks) to persist in this matter of Tranquillity until it becomes plain to the reader as his own experience. Let me begin by telling you an enlightening, door-opening experience of the Korean War.

I was commanding a rifle company in the mountains, in close contact with the enemy. Late one afternoon, a machine gun began to fire directly over my command post bunker where I, and several others, lived. Every few minutes it fired another burst of bullets a few scant feet over our heads. Those who have heard such sounds are likely to remember the sharp cracks, their resounding echoes from the mist-enshrouded peaks, accentuated by the crisp mountain air. It is a sound and a feeling quite unlike any other.

The bullets weren't doing a bit of actual harm, sailing overhead as they were and falling into an empty green-brown valley below; but the shooting of that single gun went on interminably, day after day, night after night, burst after burst, in exactly the same place, over the command post. We paid little attention for a day or so, but as might be expected, it fast became a source of annoyance, especially after several attempts to silence the gun had failed.

By the end of the week it had become sport to gamble a dollar or two on the exact time and number of rounds (bullets) in the next burst, but, despite the diversionary tactics to make light of it, our annoyance was growing into monumental proportions. Soon we could tell when the enemy gunners changed, having learned the rhythm of, their shooting; and when a fire fight developed, I could easily distinguish that one gun cracking away, no matter where I happened to be along the line. It stood out above all the rest, Those of us who lived in the bunker, over which that gun fired without ceasing, gave way (to say the very least) to unrestrained irritability and frustration.

During this time, my affairs as a commander did not prosper. I spent every available minute attempting to eliminate the source of that disturbing sound, but the Chinese had dug the gun into the rocks of the mountain in such a way that it seemed no power on earth could dislodge and silence it. My anger and frustration went from blue to black.

One morning after a particularly anguishing night that had seen every attempt to rest shattered, I decided the machine gun would have to go or I would surely come apart at the seams. I called for the artillery liaison officer attached to my command; from him, I summarily demanded and received the fires of an entire battalion of artillery poured onto the offending gun emplacement. Oh, it was an awesome, thunderous event! As tons of shells crashed into the mountain top, I gleefully imagined my nemesis hanging on for dear life, choking amidst the dust and debris of my revenge.

The thunder of our exploding salvos was followed by a tingling silence-a beautiful, golden silence that lasted for about ten seconds; then, another strident, excruciating and particularly long, nose-thumbing burst of bullets cracked over our heads from that damnable gun! It was still in action and my spirit was crushed! Surely, I thought, the gunner on that hilltop must be a nine-lived cat, laughing, no doubt, and, though his bullets touched no one, they were more effective than if they had.

There was no question about it; agony, despair, frustration and pure misery had taken me over completely and grown out of all proportion. I remember trying and failing to write a letter to my family that morning. Then, in quiet agony, my world came to an end and I gave up-simply gave up. In utter dejection, thinking I could not bare the grind in my stomach another instant, I surrendered within, not caring what happened. I was helpless. I wanted an end to the death and destruction and the end to my agony, but more than anything, I wanted inner peace; or, if not that, at least the "sleep that knits the revell'd sleeve of care."

This is when it happened, Reader; this is when the illuminative "lesson" came, when I had given up, completely, utterly, in hopelessness and helplessness. In an instant, the Light came with healing on its wings! As is always the case, it seems, help appears when the intellect surrenders, when the intellect gives up the ghost, when our concern for the Real is greater than our love for the old man (ego). While no words were involved in this "Light," and though it seemed to arrive as an instantaneous "block of knowing" already finished, I can now only try to put it into the words which, in effect, it communicated.

It was as if an inner and outer Presence absorbed me suddenly and violently to force my attention. It seemed to ask,
"What is bothering you so much?"
"The bullets from that ungodly gun," I answered.
"But, those bullets didn't hit you or anyone else," the Voice within spoke. "Thousands of them have passed overhead, and not a one has touched you. They are faIling harmlessly into the valley below."
"It's the sound!" I almost shouted. "The incessant sound is cutting through me like a knife!"
"Listen to me carefully," said the Light. "A sound is just a sound. What is the' difference between the sound of thunder and the soft sound of rain? What is the difference between the sound of the gun and the sound of music? Aren't all of them simply sounds within the Consciousness you are?"
"One is good and one is bad!" I answered vehemently.
"The sound that has you at your wit's end is a bad sound?" the Light asked me.
"Yes! My God, yes'"
"Has the sound a power of its own?"
For an instant I seemed supra-conscious of sounds of every tone and intensity. Then the Light asked again, "Has the sound a power of its own to make you call it good or bad? Tell me, has the sound the ability to make you detest it?-or love it?" .
"No," I nearly whispered.
"Has someone twisted your arm and forced you to call that particular sound bad?"
"Then tell me," the Voice asked, "if the sound has no power of its own and nothing external has forced you to make a judgment, who determines that what you hear within yourself-within consciousness-is good or bad to you, tranquilizing or upsetting to you? Who is the sole judge who has decided the sound of the gun is bad?"
"I am," I answered.
"Yes, but Awareness is your Identity; the Awareness-you-are simply 'hears' the sound, and Awareness is not a judge! Judgments are made by judges, and judges suffer from their likes and dislikes, from their 'good' and their 'bad.' That is the one who suffers, at his own hands from his own foolishness, but Awareness does not suffer. Dear Bill, you are Awareness voluntarily playing the role of judge, reaping all he has sown."

After a time-I don't know how long-I admitted that this was so. "Why, this is true," I said. "Yes, this is a fact! Who says the sound has power to make me call it good or bad? Who says so if it is not me alone? A sound is only a sound! Who is causing me to feel so miserable if it isn't me myself?"

Suddenly I knew! I alone make the decisions I like or dislike; I alone am the master of such notions of the sights and the sounds. The bond making me so miserable was my own judgment that powerless sounds were bad and I didn't like them!

Here was a pearl of great price, revealed such that I heard, I saw, I knew! The Heart had spoken! For an instant I had entered my own Holy of Holies wherein "nothing maketh a lie"; I had entered the Secret Place, the Shekinah! The truth I discovered there was enough to solve the immediate problem and infinitely more beside. Vividly, I remember feeling as though a physical water of warm comfort poured over my head, washing away every vestige of tension. I remember the smiles of release, the laughter of peace. I recall telling myself that the pesky sound was certainly serving to show all of us how well we could hear.

From that day, nothing about the war-sight, sound or feeling-bothered me again. No one was more amazed than I at the unshakeable equanimity I carried with me up and down those mountains. Here, in an instant, the Heart taught me a lesson in tranquillity that has stood me in good stead countless times since.

Reader, now listen closely, listen carefully, for I tell you a fact: Just as a "sound" has no power of its own to make you worry, neither has a "sight" any ability to cause you grief, lest you give it that ability! I tell you, no image, no picture, no "thing" within Awareness-be it sight, sound or feeling-has any power of its own! Has it? Who says so if it isn't "you" yourself acting as a judge of the images within yourself? Even according to the allegory, there was no grief in the garden until the forbidden fruit yielding "good" and "evil" judgment had been eaten. Reader, your Identity is Beholding-Awareness itself, not the judge of it who says this is good and that is bad. That is the one to "let go."

from "Awareness and Tranquillity" by William Samuel http://www.williamsamuel.com/Index.htm



2004 Workshops

New Zealand

- from the perspective of A Course in Miracles

Learning to understand ourselves
by seeing how we relate to others.

A weekend workshop in Paekakariki, New Zealand


November 27/28 - 2004
Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm
Sunday, 9 am - 4 pm

Cost: $200

Workshop Contact:
Krissy Dussler
15 Haumia Street
New Zealand
Tel: 04 2927 228 2004

"When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter.
As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself.
As you think of him you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him
you will find yourself or lose yourself." from A Course in Miracles

A relationship based on truth and awareness is one of the most powerful tools for healing and growth. How we relate in the instant we pass someone in the street, how we relate to our friends, an employer, family members or our partners all provides us with mirrors reflecting our own beliefs about ourselves and the world.

In our lives we create barriers to the presence of peace and love within us. We pursue substitutes of power, money, sex, possessions, status and so on, which can never satisfy the yearning within for deeper fulfilment.  

In this workshop, using the mirror of relationships, we will look at what needs to be healed in ourselves and how, by changing our relationships based on dependency to ones based on honesty and forgiveness, we can discover a path that will return us to the awareness of love's presence within us. A gentle and safe space is created enabling participants to trust and go deep.

This workshop is not specifically for couples. It is designed for anyone who wishes to improve how they relate to others in any type of relationship.

An introduction to the Courseís metaphysical, psychological and spiritual teachings especially regarding relationships will be covered.

2005 Workshops


BONN - 16/17 July 2005

Opening to the Light
- from the perspective of A Course in Miracles

Forgiveness, on the other hand, is still, and quietly does nothing.

... It merely looks, and waits, and judges not.
A Course in Miracles W-pII.1.4.

The light, love and joy of God are ever present and wait only our acceptance. We need not earn them as they were freely given at our creation. Nor is sacrifice or suffering required. So why do we rarely experience the light? This workshop will look, firstly, at why we are afraid of the light and the illusions we fear to let go. Our illusions and unforgiveness stand as barriers between us and the light.

The second part of the workshop will focus on overcoming our fear through forgiveness - the path of awareness, acceptance and asking for help.

We will use material from 'The Obstacles to Peace' in the ACIM Text and the 'Development of Trust' in the Manual. Exercises will be used to help identify our illusions and fear of sacrifice so they can be healed through forgiveness. We will practise watching our minds without judgement or as the Course puts it ... (forgiveness) "merely looks, and waits and judges not."

No previous knowledge of A Course in Miracles is required but attendance at the Friday night talk would be helpful for people new to the Course.

Intoductory talk evening 15th July

Beethovenallee 16
53173 Bonn-Bad Godesberg
Tel: 0228 364737


FREIBURG - 9/10 July 2005
Opening to the Light
- from the perspective of A Course in Miracles (description as Bonn w/s)

Intoductory talk evening 8th July

Margarete Sennekamp
Adalbert-Stifter-Str. 16
79102 Freiburg
Tel/Fax : 0761-73930



Healing the Cause - A Path of Forgiveness. Findhorn Press. 1994
The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness. Findhorn Press. 2003

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Audio Tapes and CDs
Since 1986 I have been conducting healing workshops in the UK and abroad, and have continually experimented to find healing and forgiveness exercises that are effective. I have found that a particular exercise can be effective for one person but not another. Accordingly, I was led to develop a series of exercises. Over the years workshop participants asked if these exercises could be put onto audio cassettes and CDs so they could repeat them. This has resulted in the
Healing the Cause - Exercise series - Tapes 1 to 4 (2 exercises on each tape) and CD1 and 2 (4 exercises on each CD)

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