Individual healing sessions via Zoom – Michael Dawson


I have been giving healing sessions for over 30 years, and have now decided to offer healing sessions via Zoom. When I travel and give workshops I am often asked for a session but have virtually no time available. Recently I gave a healing session via Zoom and I noticed it was effective. The client and I both felt we were in the same room together. As A Course in Miracles states, “all minds are joined”, so perhaps I should not be surprised. Time and space are ego illusions, not Spirit’s.


I am not someone who heals you, more a ‘spiritual midwife’ who helps deliver to you your own healing insights.


I have found a session normally lasts from 90 minutes to two hours. I start by exploring what the issue is and then change my approach to get the client to relax and facilitate the client to connect with his or her inner wisdom. I have found that at some level everyone knows why they got sick, whether physically or psychologically, and what they need to change in their thinking to be healed. It’s our un-forgiveness in our minds that is reflected in our bodies as patterns of disease or stress. Examples of actual sessions are included in my books and extracts from them can be viewed here.



“When I asked Michael Dawson whether he possibly could do a healing session with me, concerning a deep anger inside me I discovered recently, I didn't think of a healing session via Skype in the first place.
When Michael suggested to try a healing session via Skype, I was very glad to have the opportunity to do the session with him, considering that he lives about 10.000 miles away from where I live. And at the same time I wasn't quite sure whether it will work without being physically in the same room. All the more I was surprised how well the session went! I was able to concentrate while Michael was leading me with his instructions and empathic questions through the healing session, helping me to get in deep contact with my inner feelings. I am very grateful for this helpful experience. Thank you very much, Michael!
Ulrich, Bonn (Germany)

"The work with Michael has truly been an experience that has brought more light and love to those hidden confines of this body.  The gentleness of Michael’s tone and depth of his connection allows trust to be present.   Movement of energy on an ineffable level is guided by Michael’s disarming presence and this assists in the ease of the safely guided practice with lasting results.  Finding Michael has been a gift to support clearing so I may know this body/mind /spirit’s truth to revel in and to share.
Gretchen Wassinger, Colorado USA.


Session fees:

AU$180 (Australian dollars) with payment by PayPal (they also accept credit cards) or bank transfer before the start of your session. If the fee is too much for you, please write to me and say what you can afford.


Session times

I am on Brisbane, Australia time (AEST) which is +10 hours on GMT. I can tell you what the time difference between you and me is when you email me.

Examples for 28/11/18 :

8.30am Germany is 5.30pm in Brisbane.

7.30am London is 5.30pm Brisbane.

6.00pm NewYork is 9.00am in Brisbane.

7.00pm San Francisco/Vancouver is 1.00pm Brisbane

Note: Changes in summertime in your country will change the above examples.

Brisbane does not have summertime.


Start times for a session can be between 9.00am and 5.00pm Brisbane time.


Time differences

I use “Time Buddy” to work out the times at two locations:

You are allowed 4 free locations. To remove a location click on the x at the left of a location. Type in your location and select ‘location’. Then type in Brisbane (Australia) and select.




If you are interested in a session please email me:

Please outline what you want help with.

I will send you a Zoom link (no password needed).
The free Zoom app needs to be downloaded and tested before the meeting.

Click on the link I email you (not "Join a meeting" displayed on the Zoom app) and it will state the host has not started the meeting yet.

At the time of the meeting when you click my email link you will appear in my waiting room and then I will let you in.


If you don’t have access to a computer, smart phone or tablet I can cheaply Skype to your mobile or landline number. I will absorb this cost.You would need to use your speaker phone especially for the second part of the session.


If you want to recommend me to friends who have not met me, they might find it helpful to check out this video of a recent interview: