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I have recently launched an online A Course in Miracles community  
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1. Individual healing sessions via Skype

I have been giving healing sessions for over 30 years, and have now decided to offer healing sessions via Skype. When I travel and give workshops I am often asked for a session but have virtually no time available. Recently I gave a healing session via Skype and I noticed it was effective. The client and I both felt we were in the same room together. As A Course in Miracles states, “all minds are joined”, so perhaps I should not be surprised. Time and space are ego illusions, not Spirit’s.

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*A Full Heart and an Empty Mind - Michael Dawson 

*Loving Yourself - Emmanuel

*Christmas - an Arcturian perspective

*Taking Refuge in the Now - Jan Frazier


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A Full Heart and an Empty Mind - Michael Dawson 

The title for this article comes from a book by J Krishnamurti.

There is no path to truth, it must come to you. Truth can come to you only when your mind and heart are simple, clear, and there is love in your heart; not if your heart is filled with the things of the mind. ....This means that you must strip yourself of all those things and allow truth to come into being; and it can come only when the mind is empty, when the mind ceases to create. Then it will come without your invitation. Then it will come as swiftly as the wind and unbeknown. It comes obscurely, not when you are watching, wanting  It is there as sudden as sunlight, as pure as the night; but to receive it, the heart must be full and the mind empty. Now you have the mind full and your heart empty."

from The Book of Life: Daily Meditations with J. Krishnamurti

This quotation contains important help on our path of spiritual awakening which I will explore in this article. An analogy found in other spiritual paths is connected with a bird flying. It cannot fly without two wings. In the same way we need to cultivate our heart qualities as well as quieting our minds. Perhaps if a bird had only one wing it would fly in circles - something to ponder on!

There is a story that illustrates the need for both kindness and insight. One day kindness and insight were walking along a river bank when suddenly a baby came floating past them. Kindness immediately jumped into the water and rescued the child. They continued their walk until a second baby was seen floating past. Again, kindness jumped in and rescued the child. No sooner had kindness and insight started to debate these strange happenings when a third child came floating by. At this moment insight ran off along the river bank. "Where are you going?" exclaimed kindness. "I am going to see who keeps throwing them in" replied insight.

A story told by Ramana Maharshi also illustrates the need for balance. A famous guru was particularly adept at quieting his mind for long periods. He had the ability to stay without thoughts for days at a time. One day he announced to his disciples that he was going into a trance for a long time and ordered water to be brought to him. However, before one of his disciples could return from the river he was already in deep meditation. As the days went by his disciples became bored and started to leave him. Eventually all deserted him. One day a few weeks later the guru came out of his thought free state and exclaimed with irritation "Where is my water!"

It is possible to achieve pleasant quiet states of mind in meditation but until the underlying judgements and grievances we all carry are exposed and forgiven the noisy mind will always return once our meditations have ceased. There is, of course, value in starting the day quietly with God. The Course recommends this in the section "How should a teacher of God spend his day" (M-16). Starting the day this way helps us when we meet our first forgiveness challenge, which usually happens fairly quickly after the meditation ends!

When I was 16 my perception of myself and the world drastically changed. It's as if I took off my-rose coloured spectacles and saw the nature of myself and the world clearly. I was shocked to see how little love there was in me and in the world about me. Everyone seemed to be locked into there own self-interests. People said they fell in love but I clearly saw they were falling into needs. As long as those needs were met they stayed 'in love' otherwise they separated. Many years later I was to read about these dynamics in A Course in Miracles. Whilst Jesus described them in horrifying detail it was also obvious he had no judgement against the ego and its dynamics. However, my teenage awareness and insights were not tempered with kindness and compassion and I grew bitter and cynical with the world. This is an example of what the Course calls "making the error real". I was trying to fly on one wing through life and it was making me unhappy and isolated. Everyone here is looking for happiness, usually in the wrong direction, and I lost the opportunity then to extend kindness, gentleness and compassion to others as well as myself. I may have been right in my observations but certainly not happy as the Course points out (T-29.VII.1:9)

My religion is very simple.
My religion is kindness.
Dali Lama

An Empty Mind
Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false, or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy, and all the ideas of which it is ashamed. Hold onto nothing. Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned before from anything. Forget this world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God. (Lesson 189)

To learn this course requires willingness to question every value that you hold. Not one can be kept hidden and obscure but it will jeopardize your learning. No belief is neutral. (

The memory of God comes to the quiet mind. It cannot come where there is conflict, for a mind at war against itself remembers not eternal gentleness. (

Identification with our thoughts is very strong. Without awareness and vigilance we will not get the insights we need to break the stranglehold of thought. Vigilant awareness leads to insight. When a child is first drawn to the beauty of a candle flame it is unaware of the dangers. It reaches out to touch the flame and is surprised and distraught at the pain it feels. The insight is immediate. She makes the connection between fire and pain and does not repeat the action. She does not turn to her mother and ask to read a book on how not to touch candle flames. She does not sign up for a workshop on the dangers of candles. She knows not to do that again. That is the power of insight. No one asks the how question after an insight. This is why all genuine spiritual paths stress the need for awareness - to watch yourself without judgement, what the Course would call forgiveness.

Forgiveness ... is still, and quietly does nothing. .... It merely looks, and waits, and judges not. (W-pII.1.4:1,3)

People caught in "how" questions can also fall into the trap of the "Yes but" mind game. No matter how many how's are given them to help their problems they are reluctant to change and continue to ask for more how's. But if they experience insight brought about by vigilant awareness of their activities there is no need for hows anymore. They simply won't repeat what's painful.

As insight develops the mind naturally becomes quieter and emptier. If you directly see that holding judgements and grievances cost you dearly in peace you will will start to drop them. As space starts to be created in the mind truth has room to enter and guide your life.

You have no idea of the tremendous release and deep peace that comes from meeting yourself and your brothers totally without judgment. (T-3.VI.3:1)

If you but knew the glorious goal that lies beyond forgiveness, you would not keep hold on any thought, however light the touch of evil on it may appear to be. For you would understand how great the cost of holding anything God did not give in minds that can direct the hand to bless, and lead God's Son unto his Father's house. (T-29.V.6:1-2)

The realisation how little we know of importance leads the way to humility. Yes, we may know much about the ego's world of separation and how to 'succeed' here but what do we know about a lasting joy and peace that is not dependent on anything in this world? As we start to experience humility we allow the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide us out of our dream of separation and back to the awareness of our spiritual reality.

You do not know the meaning of anything you perceive. Not one thought you hold is wholly true. The recognition of this is your firm beginning. You are not misguided; you have accepted no guide at all. Instruction in perception is your great need, for you understand nothing. Recognize this but do not accept it, for understanding is your inheritance. Perceptions are learned, and you are not without a Teacher. Yet your willingness to learn of Him depends on your willingness to question everything you learned of yourself, for you who learned amiss should not be your own teacher.

If you are willing to renounce the role of guardian of your thought system and open it to me, I will correct it very gently and lead you back to God.

(T4.I.4:7 )

Love begins when thinking ends.
Meister Eckhart

A Full Heart
As you come closer to a brother you approach me, and as you withdraw from him I become distant to you. Salvation is a collaborative venture. It cannot be undertaken successfully by those who disengage themselves from the Sonship, because they are disengaging themselves from me. God will come to you only as you will give Him to your brothers.      (T-4.VI.8:1-4)

Let me not think that I can find the way to God, if I have hatred in my heart. Let me not try to hurt God's Son, and think that I can know his Father or my Self.
(Lesson 246)

The above two quotes highlight the truth that you cannot return to peace in isolation from others. You may be able to achieve an empty mind in meditation but if your heart is not open to others, if you have not learned your lessons of forgiveness, you are a bird with one wing only.

Extending simple kindness, gentleness, compassion and forgiveness to yourself and others leads to the full heart. Practising these is a movement in the opposite direction to the ego and thus undoes the separation allowing the memory of God and who you really are to return.

The bottom line is that kindness and gentleness to all people, regardless of their situation, should be our guiding principle.
Kenneth Wapnick (

The Course does not ask us to unconditionally love. To try that would only increase our level of guilt for failure would result. True love awaits us at the top of the spiritual ladder back home. We are either spontaneously capable of unconditional love like Jesus or not. There is no effort involved as it will naturally be there once the false idea of separation is gone. Until that wonderful day dawns we can make an effort to give kindness and gentleness instead of anger and judgement and we have the Holy Spirit to teach us how to do it. Effort is required until we reach the stage of no effort.

The Holy Spirit is in you in a very literal sense. His is the Voice that calls you back to where you were before and will be again. It is possible even in this world to hear only that Voice and no other. It takes effort and great willingness to learn. It is the final lesson that I (Jesus) learned, and God's Sons are as

As our heart grows we will need the wisdom that awareness brings. An open heart just wants to give but balance is needed. For example, a healer who cannot say no will eventually experience burn out. The Holy Spirit will guide us to who needs our help - He is the one who chooses which miracle we need to perform and to whom. Although someone may ask for our help the Holy Spirit will know if we are the best person to help or whether another is better suited. We must remain vigilant to hear His guidance for us. Humility teaches us that He knows best and increasingly we pass decisions to Him. As our insight grows we realise "I need do nothing" (T-18.VII) and let Him lead the way.

Your present trust in Him is the defense that promises a future undisturbed, without a trace of sorrow, and with joy that constantly increases, as this life becomes a holy instant, set in time, but heeding only immortality. Lesson 135


Loving Yourself

From: Emmanuel's Book Pub.- Bantam
By: Pat Rodegast & Judith

There is nothing but love.
Don't let the masks and postures fool you.
Love is the glue
that holds the universe together.
The greatest need in a soul is to achieve that loving of self
which will bring abut the unity
wherein the judgements
that have caused such pain
are eliminated.

True self-love is not ego.
True love is great humility.
Love and compassion for others
cannot exist until there is a goodly supply for self.
How can you feel the love of God
if you do not love yourself?
Are they not one and the same thing?

Until you can accept yourself
you lock the doorway
to the expansion you all yearn for.
This expansion comes through the heart.
Be kind to yourselves.

Your less evolved areas have a right to be.
They whisper of things past.
They whisper of confusion, of unfulfillment
and of the pain of the soul separated from its
God and the longing for that Oneness again.

Realize that on this earth
there can be only relative perfection.
Realize too that you do not need to be perfect
to be loved. Love each other in your imperfections, tenderly and completely.
Be gentle with yourselves.
The demand for perfection on the physical plane
can be your worst enemy.

To insist on perfection precludes growth.
To accept imperfection as part of your humanness is to grow.
If you can love the part of you that you think
is imperfect then the act of transformation can begin.
When you judge it and throw it out of your heart
it becomes a hardened shell that blocks the Light.

If you deny what is your nature
you become deeply attached to that denial.
When you accept what is there, in its truth,
then you are released.
One does not release through rejection.
One releases through love.

To strive for Light is a beautiful calling
but you cannot find the Light
until you acknowledge the darkness.
Souls who strive in perfect yearning
are as close to perfection
as anyone in human form can be.
Who you are is a necessary step
to being who you will be, and so it goes
through eternity.

Be comfortable but not complacent
with your imperfections.

Who demands perfection?
Only you souls who are locked in human form
believe somehow that perfection is the requirement.
It is not. The requirement is sincerity,
an open heart.
That is the perfection that is demanded -
the perfect longing.

Look to understand your negative feelings
as a loving mother would understand
a confused and frightened child.

When the denial of God within you
is being challenged
it is a most propitious time of your life.
Do not deny the part of you that is in darkness
or it will manifest again.

When you become aware of misjudgement,
of ill-timed, ill-conceived thought and action,
when you recognize your desire for vengeance,
your anger and unforgiveness,
that is the time for self-congratulation.
Your new insight now allows you to handle these things in a far more conscious way.
It is an opportunity.
A door has been opened.
A light has been turned on.


PLEASE NOTE: The Australian Centre for Inner Peace is not a counselling or psychotherapy centre; therefore, we do not offer telephone or email service or counselling, therapy, or crisis intervention for personal problems related to the Course. Please see the Contacts section at the end of this newsletter.


Non Dual Teachings

This part of the newsletter offers input from non-dual teachers. What is non-duality? The word ‘non-dual’ means not two. On the first page of the ACIM text there is two line summary of a Course in Miracles. It begins with the line “Nothing real can be threatened.”
This refers to what God created – eternal, formless, spirit. Eternal means never born and therefore cannot change or die. The Course uses the expression ‘the Christ’ to denote this. Behind all the seeming multiplicity of the universe there is actually only one essential reality. Just as all the images on the cinema screen seem different, the light that creates them is one.

There is nothing outside you. That is what you must ultimately learn, for it is the realization that the Kingdom of Heaven is restored to you. For God created only this, and He did not depart from it nor leave it separate from Himself. The Kingdom of Heaven is the dwelling place of the Son of God, who left not his Father and dwells not apart from Him. Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this Oneness, and nothing else within.
A Course in Miracles T-18.VI.1.

The second line of the summary states ”Nothing unreal exists.” This refers to everything that is born and therefore dies - the ego’s world. Thus everything in the universe including ourselves is not real according to the Course. It is like a great dream. Only perfect oneness is real. 

There are two forms of non-duality – pure and impure. In the impure form God is aware that the universe is a dream and experiences itself through it - God's Leela or play as they say in the East. In the pure form of non-duality God is unaware of the universe. The Course is an example of pure non-dual teachings. A metaphor for this is a cinema projector where the lamp in the projector represents God. When the ego's film of separation is run past the light it is projected onto the screen of time and space. The light of God makes this possible, but the lamp is unaware of what is on the screen and would continue to shine when the film is taken away. To continue with this metaphor the light extending from the lamp is who we are, the Christ. ( See chart

You dwell not here, but in eternity.
You travel but in dreams, while safe at home. 

You are at home in God, dreaming of exile but perfectly capable of awaking to reality. 


Material from ETs

I introduce ET material from loving, wise and non-judgemental sources in most newsletters. I realise this is a controversial subject so I want to introduce below the science behind the possibility of other life forms in this universe, some of which are far in advance of us.

I recently learned that the US space agency NASA has been pointing an orbital telescope at one small part of our Milky Way galaxy and found about 3000 planets to date. This led to one of their department heads saying there must be more planets in the universe than stars. 
There are trillions of stars in the universe. A trillion is a thousand billion. A billion is a thousand million. A million days have not gone by since Jesus died. This is a very big number. 
There are also trillions of moons. Are they all empty of life and the only life is all crowded onto this one planet? A few hundred years ago we thought the Earth was at the centre of the universe and everything else revolved around us. If some of this ET life is just a few thousands years ahead of us technically, they would have learned how to travel beyond Einstein's light speed barrier and easily and quickly visit us here. 
I believe many of them have much to teach us especially as some have been through our current challenges a very long time ago.
Michael Dawson


Christmas  - an Arcturian perspective

We have spoken about the true meaning of Christmas many times, but we will speak of it once again because Christmas is on the minds of so many at this time. In its truest sense, the birth of Jesus represents the birth of Christ consciousness that takes place at a point of readiness in every person's evolutionary journey. Every soul eventually comes to an inner place devoid of everything previously dependable and depended upon. This is the "dark night of the soul" and can last for some time. The Christ can never be born into a consciousness that is already filled with three dimensional beliefs and this phase of the journey is represented by "no room at the inn".
When everything familiar fails and the person is forced to look deeper, he begins his inner journey (the solitary journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem ). This is usually an uncomfortable and lonely time depending upon ones resistance to change. He/she (perhaps over lifetimes) eventually finds refuge in a "humble stable" (his consciousness now devoid of beliefs in two powers and separation from Source) where surrounded by simplicity and peace he is now prepared to give birth to Christ consciousness. Those with eyes to see (the wise men) recognize, are drawn to, and give gifts of gratitude to the Christ (enlightened consciousness).
Birthing the Christ consciousness of your own being has been termed ascension or realization. The Christ is already and has always been fully present within every person, but cannot manifest outwardly until it is recognized, accepted, and becomes ones attained state of consciousness.
Christ is not a man, it is an attained title meaning illumined or light and is available to every individual because it is every persons true SELFhood. This is the point at which the followers of many world religions block themselves from spiritually evolving into a consciousness of higher truth. To believe that Christhood belongs only to a certain person is idolatry, the pagan worship of a god. When we believe someone or something to be more spiritual, deserving, or blessed, than ourselves or everyone else, we are in full acceptance of the belief in separation.
Jesus/Jeshua attained Christ consciousness but so can you. He tried to tell this to the people of his time, but they were unable to understand and simply continued and still continue to worship him as being the only son of God-- better, holier, and separate from everyone else. Mankind has evolved and today is better able to understand the message of the first Christmas on this deeper level.
As with the original story, the new born Christ of every person needs to be held secretly and sacredly within until it grows stronger. It needs to be protected from the well meaning Herods that often exist in families, friends, co-workers, churches, etc. who will try and take if from you for your own good of course.
Know that as you evolve more deeply into the realization of your true self as Devine Consciousness, the high resonating energy of your consciousness expands further into your energy field where it then automatically dissipates many areas of shadow (pockets of old denser energy). This is why it is so important at this time to align with your true identity as a God being rather than continuing to put effort into fixing, clearing, and removing three dimensional appearances. Not everyone is spiritual ready for this step, but you reading these messages are or they would make no sense to you.

Extract from: We are the Arcturian Group 12/20/20

You can sign up for the free fortnightly channellings from the Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele here:


Taking Refuge in the Now - Jan Frazier
December 9, 2020

What is it to be in the now? It’s to gently allow awareness to take in whatever is immediate, inside yourself and in the present-moment scene. It’s to register what is being actually experienced — apart from what might be thought about
To be in the now is to sense, to feel. It’s to taste the sensation of aliveness, of being here. It’s to notice the difference between what-is, right here, and what has been or could be, or what seems to be true “out there” somewhere.
The moment is what you are.
If ever there were a time when taking refuge in the now could be a true blessing, the situation we’re all collectively in surely would be it.
* * * * *
When you are fully absorbed in a physical act, whether it’s digging a hole or jogging, washing a dish or painting a landscape, or looking into the eyes of a loved one, in that moment the activity itself is your entire sense of reality. You may notice that in such a moment, the things of the mind are briefly set aside. It’s life itself — not a memory or an idea of life, but the thing itself. 
The moment is what you are. Then it passes, and it’s something else. If you drift into your head, what you “are” then is the movement of thought, the sensation of what it’s like in the body to be absorbed in a story, with all that may entail.
Do take care to notice the critical distinction between two thought-related phenomena: on the one hand, observing the qualities of egoic thinking (effort, angst or desire, resistance, circularity, remoteness from the immediate scene); and on the other, being lost in the content of thought (as though occupying an alternate reality). Learning to tell these apart — which includes, most critically, not missing the taxing effect of mental activity — is a key element of growing self-attunement, leading naturally to increasing peace.
Noticing the difference between the two is one of life’s finest teachers, as the ordinary day unfolds, one now at a time.
* * * * *
Any time you’re wholly absorbed in the present reality, it’s not actually that “you” are “in” the now; it’s truer to say that you are the now. And that (contrary to what the ego-mind insists) is all you are — ever. 
Talk about shocking revelations! And radically unnerving ones, to the self-important ego-mind. All that’s directly experience-able of “you,” ever, is right now: what’s felt within (human feelings, physical sensation, the movement of thought), plus what’s observed via the senses of the immediate setting and activity. When awareness is simply taking it all in, without mental processing, you are separate from none of it. Whatever else seems to be “you” is stored in the mind, retrievable only as memory, idea, identity.
That glibly tossed-around notion of being “one-with-all” — what else could it mean but this? Not something “knowable” with the mind (despite what many a well-intentioned seeker claims to understand the meaning of), but something only experience-able, and only in the here-and-how, when the mind is still and awareness is utterly enlivened.
If you are singing a song you love, putting your heart and soul into it, in that moment you are the music. If someone you’re with is pouring out their heart to you, and you’re truly listening (not thinking what to say), whatever problems you have, whatever might otherwise be occupying your mind, is — for the moment — “out there” someplace. Have you noticed this? If you are a runner, or a mountain climber, or one who loves to fish or to garden, you will notice that when you’re purely engaged in the physical act, you are not separate from the thing you’re doing. You are the moment’s activity. This is not about identity (which requires the mind), not about defining yourself as one-who-listens-well, or one who sings or fishes. It’s about there being no separation between “you” and the thing you’re absorbed in.
* * * * *
The only place authentic refuge is to be found is the now. We tend to seek escape or consolation in beliefs, in a picture or story of another time — all of which requires the engagement of the mind. But when attention is on the now, what’s engaged is not the mind but awareness. To be aware is to be peacefully here, to viscerally register aliveness, however it may be expressing itself just now — which is, of course, in ceaseless flux.
To experience the difference between thought and awareness is itself liberating. Awareness is what senses aliveness. This is what wakefulness is about: not ceaseless ecstasy or distance from regular life, not a system of otherworldly ideas, but plain hereness. It’s got to do with pure attunement to reality, sans mental handling or the attempt to alter or escape.
Oh, but how the ever-vigilant mind wants to insist that many other things not perceptible in the now are also real: the pandemic; personal history; the political situation; distant loved ones you’re missing, perhaps concerned about. But see how the mind must be engaged in order to “visit” anything not immediate, not experience-able in the now. There’s a life-altering difference between what the mind has access to and what present-moment consciousness opens to.
Yes, you surely can — in this moment — sink into the feeling of deep love for someone not physically with you. But discover what it’s like to feel for this dear one, without drifting into whatever familiar story tends to “go with” the person. How liberating to explore the distinction between these two things, which habit has taught us to believe are all-of-a-piece.
And of course there will be times when you will want to reflect on matters of concern to you that are not apparent in the now. The point is to realize, by experiencing the intermittent refuge of the now, that just because a situation is ongoing does not mean attention must dwell there in an uninterrupted way.
To take periodic refuge in the now is nourishing and deeply restorative. It enables you to cope more sanely with times of stress and uncertainty. The mind-accessed parts of the larger situation need not define your entire sense of reality.
* * * * *
The refuge of the now is not about the present moment being somehow “perfect” (or in denial of the larger picture of a situation). It simply feels good to be with what’s real — even if that happens to entail physical discomfort, or a breaking heart. Being in the now is not always a feel-good experience. But it does “feel good” to relax entirely into whatever is real inside, to allow whatever is there, without fighting it. To do so feels alive. It feels spacious, at ease.
The sensation of refuge comes of the disengagement from the mind, and with immersion in the reality of here-and-now. It comes of experiencing life itself as it is happening. The restfulness that arises is due to the relaxing of all effort (much of which we aren’t even aware of exerting . . . until it melts away). The you as experienced in the moment is entirely receptive, aware, noticing. You’re simply seeing and feeling what’s here, inside and out, allowing all. That’s it. Breathtakingly simple.
The mind is required when entering the future or the past, entertaining the apparent reality of something in time or elsewhere. The mind does not experience; what it does is process, often with an attempt to understand or control. Awareness experiences, and only what is here-and-now. We don’t experience time: we think about something in time.
Remember that (contrary to the mind’s persistent pull) it is not necessary to understand — most anything at all.
Nor is it “necessary” to fully be with what’s happening . . . unless peace feels better to you than angst.
* * * * *
How does one “get there,” to the now? It begins with becoming conscious. You are not (alas) in control of when or whether that occurs. Conscious awareness may dawn because some discomfort (likely mental/emotional) has drawn your attention. If you become curious, you will surely see that the mind has been active. However the spacious noticing enters the now, simply notice its blessed arrival. Explore what plain awareness feels like, as you set aside whatever has, just before, captivated the thinker. 
When conscious attention comes onto the scene, it then becomes possible to observe that thought is (or has been) occurring. Simply seeing that fact indicates that awareness functions outside the thought stream. The seeing is happening from the unresisting spaciousness of the now. Allow yourself to register that. Then tune into any sensation (pleasant or otherwise) inside your body. 
Notice what your senses are able to detect in the immediate scene. If you are doing something, allow attention to go to the movement of the activity. Discover that there is actually latitude in where attention goes — when you are conscious. See how it can gently be moved from what-you’re-doing to the interior of the body. You’re not thinking here, or trying to change your thoughts or felt sensations; you’re simply noticing what’s (already) happening.
Nature takes its course. If you notice yourself being drawn back into your head, it may help to redirect the focus to something sensory, either inside your body or in the immediate scene.
Above all, this: If the urge to “make it last” occurs to you, invite awareness to notice that this desire occurs in the mind, which has convinced itself that future moments are real, controllable, predictable. Or that one sort of now is preferable to another. Awareness does not have such an aspiration. 
Which is one of the reasons present-moment immersion is conspicuously peaceful. All effort has been relaxed.
You may notice — or perhaps can see this, looking back — that trying to make anything “last” or recur (or stop happening) has one reliable outcome: it keeps you living in your head, reinforcing the compelling illusion of control. None of which is living.
Moment-to-moment awareness, sans mental handling, is what living is. It’s what we hunger for all our struggling lives. Nowadays, maybe, even more than ever.
Here’s wishing you profound refuge, any moment it blessedly arrives. Be kind to your dear self.


Forthcoming Workshops on A Course in Miracles - 2020 (Zoom) and 2021 (Bonn and Freiburg)

  1. Online Zoom workshops
2. Workshops held in Bonn and Freiburg
Bonn 12-13 June 2021, Freiburg 18-21 June 2021


      1. Online Zoom workshops - part three.

Zoom Workshop - Healing Ourselves and Others - in English with German translation
- from the perspective of  A Course in Miracles    
A 3-part online workshop using Zoom

- You can enrol for all or some of the parts - 

By Michael Dawson

Zoom allows for questions, sharings, meeting in virtual rooms for pair exercises and sharings. 
The workshop will be limited to 23 participants so we can all see each other on a computer screen. 

Workshop description:

Zoom - Healing Ourselves and Others - in English with German translation
from the perspective of A Course in Miracles

Health Is Inner Peace....Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelessly. A Course in Miracles 

The Holy Spirit is the only Therapist. He makes healing clear in any situation in which He is the Guide. You can only let Him fulfil His function. He needs no help for this. He will tell you exactly what to do to help anyone He sends to you for help, and will speak to him through you if you do not interfere. 
A Course in Miracles T-9.V.8:1-8

Using the spiritual path of A Course in Miracles and its supplement - Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice - we will explore what true healing is: the return to our awareness of our spiritual identity. 

The cause of illness lies in the mind and not the body. By returning our awareness to the mind and forgiving the thought forms of judgement, attack and condemnation of ourselves and others we can return to a state of inner peace. The body will then return to a state of health.

To heal others, whether as a friend or as a psychotherapist, we need to learn to step aside and be guided in what to say and do. We need to remember “The Holy Spirit is the only Therapist.”

Practical exercises will be used to help understand the ego and its mechanisms of denial and projection. We will practise forgiveness and healing and turning within for guidance.

Topics also included:

Healing ourselves
• Reasons for Sickness
• Special Hate and Love Relationships
• The Process of Illness
• How is Healing Accomplished
• Forgiveness
• Resistance to Healing

Healing others (teachings for everyone who desires to relieve suffering in others)
• The A Course in Miracles approach to healing others
• The differences between the healed and unhealed healer 
• Purpose of Psychotherapy
• The Process of Psychotherapy
• Role of the Psychotherapist

An overview of the Course's metaphysical, psychological and spiritual teachings especially in regard to healing of the mind, body and relationships will be covered. 
(No previous knowledge of the book A Course in Miracles is required.)

Part 1 - The cause of physical and psychological disease
Part 2 - Healing ourselves
Part 3 - Healing others

Part 3-Sun Jan 10, 2021, 

Sun 9.00am to 1pm - German time

Euro 50 per part. 
(Some partial bursaries available. If you wish to apply for a bursary please write stating what you can afford.)
After I receive payment I will email to you the Zoom login details which will depend on which workshop (s) you have paid for. Just clicking the link I provide will bring you into the workshop. 

Payment method:
Please use my PayPal “Donate” button on my home page on 
In the PayPal message section please be sure to enter your name and which part(s) and date(s) you are enrolling for.
(Note: My PayPal only accepts Australian dollars.)
To know the cost of the workshop in a different currency go here:
Please convert the Euros to Australian dollars and type this into the PayPal box.
If you prefer you can do a bank transfer.
Once I receive payment you are registered on the workshop and I will send you the link (s) needed to join it. There is no password. 

For cancellations more than 7 days before the workshop commences there will be a cancellation charge of Euro 15 per part.
If you cancel 7 days or less before the workshop starts there will be no refund.

Important - Zoom have addressed the security issues on their app and from June 1st Zoom will only work in version 5.
If you try and join any Zoom meeting with an earlier version they will force upgrade you - a simple procedure. The easiest way to upgrade (or get the app for the first time) is to click on the meeting link and Zoom will guide you through the process.
It would be good to upgrade at least a day before the workshop and test it on the workshop link. You will be greeted with a message that the meeting has not started yet.

If you do not have Zoom installed please click the link I send you after payment at least a day before the workshop and the Zoom app will download automatically and install itself. You will be greeted with a message saying the host has not started the meeting yet. This tells you everything is working o.k. On the day of the meeting if you arrive early you will be placed into a waiting room where I can see you. I can then let you into the workshop. Please mute (switch off) your audio, select Gallery view and switch on your video.

Zoom - Computers, smart phones and tablets
Zoom is a free app for Macs and PCs and will also work on tablets and smart phones. Tablets (e.g. iPad) only allow you to see 9 participants at a time while smart phones limit it to 4 participants at a time.You will need to swipe the smart phone screen from right to left to see the next group of four participants.The best experience is obtained by using a computer where you will see all workshop participants on one screen.To only see my face double click on my picture.

Zoom - no smart phones
It also possible to phone in from a non-smart phone but the experience will be limited to audio only. You can still take part in the main meeting room and the virtual room exercises and sharings. Dial in numbers are provided by Zoom and can be found here: You can try the number before the meeting and it will guide you through the procedure. It’s a simple procedure.


Zoom - Workshop - Sich selbst und andere heilen - auf Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung
- aus der Perspektive von A Course in Miracles   
Ein 3-teiliger Online-Workshop mit Zoom

- Sie können sich für alle oder einige der Teile einschreiben -

Von Michael Dawson

Der Zoom ermöglicht Fragen, Mitteilen, Treffen in virtuellen Räumen für Paarübungen und Mitteilen.
Der Workshop ist auf 23 Teilnehmer beschränkt, so dass wir uns alle auf einem Computerbildschirm sehen können.

Beschreibung des Workshops:

Sich selbst und andere heilen - auf Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung
aus der Perspektive von A Course in Miracles

Gesundheit ist innerer Frieden....Gesundheit ist das Ergebnis des Verzichts auf alle Versuche, den Körper lieblos zu gebrauchen. Ein Kurs in Wundern

Der Heilige Geist ist der einzige Therapeut. Er macht Heilung in jeder Situation deutlich, in der er der Führer ist. Sie können Ihn nur Seine Funktion erfüllen lassen. Dazu braucht er keine Hilfe. Er wird Ihnen genau sagen, was Sie tun sollen, um jedem zu helfen, den er zu Ihnen schickt, um Hilfe zu erhalten, und er wird durch Sie zu ihm sprechen, wenn Sie sich nicht einmischen.
Ein Kurs in Wundern T-9.V.8:1-8

Nutzung des spirituellen Weges von A Course in Miracles und seiner Ergänzung - Psychotherapie: Zweck, Prozess und Praxis - werden wir erforschen, was wahre Heilung ist: die Rückkehr zu unserem Bewusstsein unserer spirituellen Identität.

Die Ursache von Krankheit liegt im Geist und nicht im Körper. Indem wir unser Bewusstsein in den Geist zurückbringen und den Gedankenformen des Urteils, des Angriffs und der Verurteilung von uns selbst und anderen verzeihen, können wir zu einem Zustand inneren Friedens zurückkehren. Der Körper wird dann in einen Zustand der Gesundheit zurückkehren.

Um andere zu heilen, sei es als Freund oder als Psychotherapeut, müssen wir lernen, zur Seite zu treten und uns darin leiten zu lassen, was wir sagen und tun sollen. Wir müssen uns daran erinnern, dass "der Heilige Geist der einzige Therapeut ist".

Praktische Übungen sollen helfen, das Ego und seine Mechanismen der Verleugnung und Projektion zu verstehen. Wir werden uns in Vergebung und Heilung üben und uns nach innen wenden, um uns leiten zu lassen.

Es werden auch Themen behandelt:

Sich selbst heilen
- Gründe für Krankheit
- Besondere Hass- und Liebesbeziehungen
- Der Prozess der Krankheit
- Wie wird die Heilung vollzogen?
- Vergebung
- Widerstand gegen Heilung

Andere heilen (Lehren für alle, die das Leiden anderer lindern wollen)
- Der Ansatz des A Course in Miracles zur Heilung anderer
- Die Unterschiede zwischen dem geheilten und dem nicht geheilten Heiler
- Zweck der Psychotherapie
- Der Prozess der Psychotherapie
- Die Rolle des Psychotherapeuten

Es wird ein Überblick über die metaphysischen, psychologischen und spirituellen Lehren des Kurses gegeben, insbesondere im Hinblick auf die Heilung von Geist, Körper und Beziehungen.
(Es sind keine Vorkenntnisse des Buches A Course in Miracles erforderlich).

Teil 1 - Die Ursache von physischen und psychischen Krankheiten
Teil 2 - Sich selbst heilen
Teil 3 - Andere heilen

Teil 1-Sonntag 23. August, Teil 2-Sonntag 18. Oktober und Teil 3-Sonntag 10. Januar 2021,

Sonntag 9.00 bis 13.00 Uhr - deutsche Zeit

Euro 50 pro Teil.
Wenn Sie sich für alle drei Teile einschreiben, reduzieren sich die Kosten auf Euro 130
(Einige Teilstipendien sind verfügbar. Wenn Sie sich um ein Stipendium bewerben möchten, schreiben Sie bitte, was Sie sich leisten können).
Nachdem ich die Zahlung erhalten habe, werde ich Ihnen die Zoom-Login-Details per E-Mail zusenden, die davon abhängen, für welche(n) Workshop(s) Sie bezahlt haben. Wenn Sie auf den von mir angegebenen Link klicken, gelangen Sie zum Workshop.

Bitte benutzen Sie meinen PayPal-Button "Spenden" auf meiner Homepage unter
Bitte geben Sie im Abschnitt "PayPal-Nachrichten" unbedingt Ihren Namen ein und geben Sie an, für welche(n) Teil(e) und Datum(e) Sie sich anmelden.
(Hinweis: Mein PayPal akzeptiert nur australische Dollar).
Um die Kosten für den Workshop in australischen Dollar zu erfahren, gehen Sie hier und rechnen Sie Ihre Währung in australische Dollar um und geben Sie dies in das PayPal-Feld ein:
Wenn Sie es vorziehen, können Sie eine Banküberweisung vornehmen.
Sobald ich die Zahlung erhalten habe, sind Sie für den Workshop angemeldet und ich werde Ihnen den/die Link(s) zur Teilnahme zusenden. Es gibt kein Passwort.

Bei Stornierungen mehr als 7 Tage vor Beginn des Workshops wird eine Stornierungsgebühr von Euro 15 pro Teil erhoben.
Wenn Sie 7 Tage oder weniger vor Beginn des Workshops stornieren, gibt es keine Rückerstattung.

Wichtig - Zoom hat die Sicherheitsprobleme in seiner App behoben und ab dem 1. Juni wird Zoom nur noch in Version 5 funktionieren.
Wenn Sie versuchen, einer Zoom-Sitzung mit einer früheren Version beizutreten, wird ein Upgrade erzwungen - ein einfaches Verfahren. Der einfachste Weg, ein Upgrade durchzuführen (oder die Anwendung zum ersten Mal zu erhalten), ist, auf den Meeting-Link zu klicken und Zoom führt Sie durch den Prozess.
Es wäre gut, das Upgrade mindestens einen Tag vor dem Workshop durchzuführen und es über den Workshop-Link zu testen. Sie werden mit der Nachricht begrüßt, dass das Treffen noch nicht begonnen hat.

Wenn Sie Zoom noch nicht installiert haben, klicken Sie bitte auf den Link, den ich Ihnen nach der Bezahlung mindestens einen Tag vor dem Workshop sende, und die Zoom-Anwendung wird automatisch heruntergeladen und installiert. Sie werden mit der Nachricht begrüßt, dass der Gastgeber das Treffen noch nicht begonnen hat. Dies teilt Ihnen mit, dass am Tag des Treffens alles o.k. funktioniert, wenn 

Übersetzt mit (kostenlose Version)


2. Workshops held in Bonn and Freiburg - 2021

Bonn - Sat 12 and Sun 13 June - 2021
10am to 6pm
Note: I will not know until nearer the date whether I can fly due to COVID restrictions. 

Bonn - Mind training to gain peace and happiness - the conditions for salvation
from the perspective of A Course in Miracles 

This is a course in mind training.
A Course in Miracles T-1.VII.4.

Using the lessons of A Course in Miracles and the Course’s teaching on manifestation, time and creating your own reality we will explore how by changing the way we think and perceive we will automatically draw to ourselves peace and happiness.

(To reach that light) is a particularly difficult form for the undisciplined mind, and represents a major goal of mind training. It requires precisely what the untrained mind lacks. Yet this training must be accomplished if you are to see. 
A Course in Miracles - Lesson 44

Workshop Topics will include:
•Mind retraining
•Some lessons from the workbook
•Changing perception
•Creating your reality 
•The illusion of time

No knowledge of A Course in Miracles is required.

Bonn Contact:
Beethovenallee 16
Bonn 53173
tel: 0228 - 36 47 37

Bonn - An Evening Introductory Talk - Fri 11 June 7.30pm to 9.30pm


Freiburg 18-20 June 2021 
Fri 18,[6pm tp 9pm] Sat 19 [10am to 6pm] and Sun 20 [10am to 5pm]

Note: I will not know until nearer the date whether I can fly due to COVID restrictions. 

Freiburg - Mind training to gain peace and happiness - the conditions for salvation
from the perspective of A Course in Miracles 

This is a course in mind training.
A Course in Miracles T-1.VII.4.

Using the lessons of A Course in Miracles and the Course’s teaching on manifestation, time and creating your own reality we will explore how by changing the way we think and perceive we will automatically draw to ourselves peace and happiness.

(To reach that light) is a particularly difficult form for the undisciplined mind, and represents a major goal of mind training. It requires precisely what the untrained mind lacks. Yet this training must be accomplished if you are to see. 
A Course in Miracles - Lesson 44

Workshop Topics will include:
•Mind retraining
•Some lessons from the workbook
•Changing perception
•Creating your reality 
•The illusion of time

No knowledge of A Course in Miracles is required.

Freiberg Contact:
Margarete Sennekamp
Winterhaldenweg 4,
79856 Hinterzarten,
Tel./Fax: 07652-917530


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Question and Answer Service from the Foundation for A Course in Miracles. 
Their electronic outreach section has a question and answer service on the theory and practice of the Course. Their database of 1,400 questions and answers is searchable. They no longer take new questions as they feel all possible questions have now been put.

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The Foundation was started by Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick and has moved to Temecula in California. Kenneth is my teacher of A Course in Miracles. His body died in December 2013.
Their publications can also be ordered in Australia at:
Adyar Bookshop
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Kenneth Wapnick ......……… Biographical information and excerpts from his writings
by Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick
Index of Links to Miracle Studies Resources ...……....... A rich resource of materials on A Course in Miracles by an ex-staff member of the Foundation For A Course In Miracle. Joe also has a blog and has recently published  A Primer of Psychology According to A Course in Miracles.  ………… A Course in Miracles Resource Web Site for ACIM Students
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About three times a week I send a short quotation from some spiritual teacher or poet to people who have requested some uplifting thoughts. I have included some below. If you wish I can add your name to the email list.

How long, O Son of God, will you maintain the game of sin? Shall we not put away these sharp-edged children's toys? How soon will you be ready to come home? Perhaps today? There is no sin. Creation is unchanged. Would you still hold return to Heaven back? How long, O holy Son of God, how long?

A Course in Miracles  Lesson 250

The true act of forgiveness requires you to see your own judgments as the crime, the one thing that keeps you from connecting with Source.

Making Love to God: The Path to Divine Sex
Tina Louise Spalding

Do understand that you are destined for enlightenment.
Co-operate with your destiny, don't go against it, don't thwart it.
Allow it to fulfil itself.
All you have to do is to give attention to the obstacles created by the foolish mind.

Nisargadatta Maharaj
I Am That

If you hate something and you focus all your energy on it, you will get more of it! 
So watch who you hate, how you hate, and when you hate, and make a different choice.
If you invest energetically in something, then you will get more of it. Have no doubt about it.
So know that the ripples of hatred and judgment that you send out will come back to you in the form of a magnified energy of that very same frequency, and that is something to contemplate, is it not?

You Can Free Yourself from the Karma of Chaos 
Channelled bTina Spalding

One is more likely to awaken through surrender than through seeking to waken. The effort to awaken is the effort of ego, whereas to surrender is to give up all efforts and to place oneself in the hands of a vast force that is more powerful than any realization of non duality.
When one finally gives up one's futile attempts to make reality conform to one's own wishes, and allows it to unfold on its own terms, all the energy that was tied up in foolish attempts to manipulate the universe is freed up.

Mariana Caplan
Halfway Up the Mountain - The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightenment

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