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New Charts to be used on "Stages of Awakening" workshop, Germany 2016

  1. Key Concepts in A Course in Miracles (reprinted from Healing the Cause)
  2. Ladder of Forgiveness
  3. Developement of Trust
  4. The Path Home
  5. Cause and Effect
  6. The Kingdom of the Ego
  7. The Ego's Vicious Circle of Victim and Victimiser
  8. The Healed and the Unhealed Healer
  9. The Illusion of Separation
  10. A Course in Miraracles summary chart with quotations
  11. Forgiveness chart
  12. Sinlessness Chart
  13. The Way Home
  14. Judge or Witness?
  15. Who Am I?
  16. The Two Paths
  17. Metaphysics - Projector Analogy
  18. Forgiveness and the Guided Life
  19. Undoing the World - The Path Home
  20. Ladder of Prayer
  21. Miracles save time
  22. Progressive forgiveness exercise (German)
  23. Progressive forgiveness exercise
  24. Laws of Manifestation
  25. Radical forgiveness challenge
  26. Forgiveness raises frequency
  27. Metaphysics of Forgiveness
  28. Only 2 paths

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(reprinted from Healing the Cause)

[Summary Chart of
        ACIM] A Course in Miracles - inner