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Monthly free 2 hour workshop including a healing exercise
by Michael Dawson on Zoom based on A Course in Miracles.

Times to suit European and North America guests.

To register for this free workshop please email me at. mdawson@acfip.org and I will send you the Zoom link. I may have to restrict numbers if there are to many applicants.

Please state if you are registering for Workshop 1 or 2 below.

These workshops will be videoed as normal on Zoom, but they will be made public so anyone in the world can see them. With regard to the video I won't be sharing any of the sharings at the beginning of the workshop and of course, none of the breakout room sharings.

  I want participants to agree to follow a Zoom etiquette. I want people to act as if they're in a physical workshop.What does that mean? In physical workshop, people do not bring in their breakfasts or lunches. Close ups of people on Zoom eating their breakfast is not so great. People don't come in and out all the time in physical workshops so I am asking to keep your video on although I understand there might be exceptions to this. This way we can build much more of a group spirit and a greater intimacy and commitment.

I ask people to ask questions related to the subject of the workshop. The workshops will be based on A Course in Miracles themes.

If you want to tell friends about the free workshops give them this link


Next workshop:
Dates and Times (Same workshop repeated for different times)

1 - Europe - Sunday, December 10.  
Workshop 1 is 6pm Brisbane time Sunday (9am Germany Sunday).

2 - North America - Saturday, December 9
Workshop 2 is 10am Brisbane time Sunday (7pm New York Saturday)

The NA workshop will be on the day before, Saturday. To convert Brisbane time, Australia to your country time you can use https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/


Healing our minds and bodies with forgiveness. Part 1 of 2


Forgiveness is a tool that works on the cause of our problems whether they be psychological, physical or in our relationships. The source of our pain is in our thinking, specifically in our judgements of our ourselves and others.

In our relationship difficulties forgiveness teaches that what upsets us in the world is but a mirror of what is unhealed in our minds, otherwise we would have compassion for others’ negative behaviour.

Problems in our bodies are reflections of unforgiveness in our minds.
Forgiveness gradually leads us along a path of dropping all judgements of ourselves and others resulting in inner peace.
       Exercises will be used to forgive our judgements leading to the healing of our minds and bodies.  There will be time for questions and sharings.

If you want to tell friends about the free workshops give them this link



Michael  discovered ACIM in 1982 at the Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland where he lived for 20 years, and for some of that time ran the healing department. There he developed workshops based on forgiveness. Later he gave these workshops worldwide. Michael has published three books on 'A Course in Miracles' ( see: http://www.acfip.org/books_tapes.html ) and hosts an ACIM online community (Mighty Networks).

•My YouTube ACIM Healing Channel: 


Many guided healing exercises, workshops and explanations of ACIM principles.

•My healing exercises can also be found on the popular and free app “Insight Timer”.


Website: http://www.acfip.org

•My A Course in Miracles Online Communityhttps://acim-explore.mn.co/?autojoin=1
 Two hours ACIM workshop a month included. Free trial. US$10 per month.